Suuper Seven

The Unitarian Universalist Card Game

For Ages: 12+    Players: 3-8

Time to play: You Decide!

Players choose Flame cards that go best with the selected Chalice card and take turns being mediator to decide who wins! Create a covenant, then play the game!

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Fundamentals of UU

-7 principles

-Sources of Wisdom




From within and outside

of UU





-Other things





107 cards

 and rules

Raise Money for Your Church!

Suuper Seven is available at wholesale prices for you to resell as a fundraiser for your church.  Great for youth groups!


Feedback from Beta:

I learned that you can take the 7 principles how you want and choose how to act on them

-UU Youth member

Learned that UU embraces all religions and beliefs -Potential UU member

Reminded me that the UU Principles are guides for life in every aspect of your life, not just your spiritual life -Current UU member

Learned that Pete Seeger was UU! -Current UU member

I didn't know that Clara Barton was Universalist! -Current UU member

Very UU cards (favorite is "Vegan Cupcake")

-UU Youth member

I learned that UU accepts all faiths and creeds  - Potential UU member

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