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Get Well Games was founded in 2013, by Christopher Burtt.  Christopher is the game designer, web developer, salesforce and marketer.  The first game, Back Up!,  launched in October 2013.  Christopher developed it while recovering from back surgery, with lots of help from friends and family.   Oh Baby: The Pregnancy Card Game was released in April 2014.  We also create custom card games for conferences, training, gifts and corporate events with  EnGame.  For detailed history, see The Secret Origins of Get Well Games.

Christopher Burtt,

Owner Get Well Games

Columbia MBA, 13 Yrs Prod Mgmt

Back Surgery in Apr 2013

Our Mission:

To provide entertaining and educational games to brighten the lives of people coping with disease and challenging courses of treatment.


Charitable Giving

Get Well Games believes in giving back to the community, so we are donating 5% of net profits to charity.  Back Up! proceeds will go to FOCOS (The Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine).   The mission of FOCOS is to provide optimum orthopedic care and improve quality of life in Ghana and other countries.  Their mission fits well with Get Well Games' mission of providing games to brighten the lives of people coping with disease and challenging courses of treatment.  Oh Baby: The Pregancy Card Game proceeds will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Thank you!

Get Well Games would not be possible without lots of help from family and friends.

Meredith - for early game testing and always being ready to play a game!

Ben - for testing, and great tips on website and design

Mom & Dad - for their constant support, including taking care of me while I recovered from back surgery

Kati - for  brainstorming all kinds of pregnancy ideas and shooting the video!

Dave - for putting the idea in my head

Mark, Leslie, David & Tracy - for serving as guinea pigs for the rules.  (Special thanks to Mark for the "!")

Keldrick, Tracy, Jenn, Ryan, Meeghan, Jennifer, Sharon, Abbie, Chris  and my whole family- for playing the Oh Baby prototype

My TAB Board - for their advice and support


I've had a lifetime of inspirations playing games, but there were a few in particular that helped now.

Fluxx - Great card game that helped me in designing the box and finding a printer

Uno - Meredith's favorite game, more help with design and keeping games simple but fun

Kinky Boots - Inspired me to find work that is the most beautiful thing in the world to me, for Charlie and Simon it is shoes, for me it is games.  Also, to chase after miracles.

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